Greetings from San Francisco.

So while I’m releasing the prologue here on, I’ve actually written 205,000+ words for it over the course of a year. Hoping to win the Geek and Sundry contest for Hard Science stories, so lets roll the dice and see where they land.

I was motivated into writing this book by the unfortunate death of Monty Oum, an employee of Rooster Teeth and creator of RWBY, who passed away in February of 2015. While we had never met, I’ve been a huge fan of his work since he debuted Haloid on youtube, and the death hit me hard as I was also about to have minor surgery soon after. During my recovery, I saw all the work he had done with his life at such a young age, and resolved to finally work on fleshing out a setting that had been rattling around in my brain for about a year prior to his tragic passing.

The concept for this book came from a pair of ideas that popped in my head sometime in 2013 or 2014. Both ideas are explained in the final chapter, so I won’t spoil them here aside to say that our perception of reality is a bit...biased. The formatting of the book itself was inspired from watching Cloud Atlas, which was a good if slightly confusing movie revolving around the concept of moving a story around through time itself to deliver an overall experience.

In the spirit of that film, this is a first person setting novel with multiple narrators. While you will be reading the Prologue from the perspective of Ms. Lillian Chuang, you will switch away from her point of view. Constantly. Actually, she’s one of six narrators, whose views and situations you will read about from the first six chapters.

With that, I hope you will all enjoy the history of the future. And don’t worry about the confusion- it’s your friend and it wants a hug. I promise it will make sense. Eventually.


Final Note: if this does get published as a result of the contest, I would love to use a pen name, so don’t be surprised if that happens.