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Sorry to have dropped off the radar for a while -- my husband died, and as many of you know, that just takes a lot of time to process and get back to writing. But I’m here! And looking at possible publishing strategies for this book. I really want it to be in your hands at last.
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Lots of good news ahead! In a few days I’ll be able to announce publicly a national award to one of my other books ... the groundswell of Medium readers for my essays is growing nicely ... and we’re just about at 10 percent of the pre-orders that Inkshares needs to publish this book. So I hope to have more to share on that, too, in the coming days. Meanwhile, today is a great day to share with someone that you’re already in line for the first edition of ALL THAT GLITTERS. Thanks, friends!
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SUGGEST A TITLE! The bones of book 4 in the series are: Mystery: Lucky Franklin’s college is serving maple syrup “made in Vermont” that’s fraudulent. Challenge: Admitting you’re not perfect – how tough is that one when you’re a pre-law competitor? And does that well-honed competitive skill eliminate love? -- This Vermont mystery author would appreciate your suggestions for the book’s title! Free copy of my book "Cold Midnight" if your title’s chosen!
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Just like the #NancyDrew series, the Lucky Franklin teen sleuth books keep going .... book 3, called SET NO LIMITS, takes our #Vermont teen into investigating a back-woods winter disappearance. But first let’s get ALL THAT GLITTERS published! Who could you send the pre-order link to, today? Don’t let them miss out ...  And stay warm, as we say on winter days here in Vermont!
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You know this is the first book of a series, right? (How many Nancy Drew books are there?) Just eight for Lucky Franklin. Book 2, Rhinestone Revenge, goes like this:  If Lucky’s college roommate is doing something illegal, what should Lucky do about it and how much risk is there for her? Jewelry that a good friend of Lucky’s at home really values has been stolen and turns up on eBay – so she uncovers a theft and pawn shop ring in Vermont. Meanwhile her college roommate isn’t playing things straight on eBay. Lucky develops a “consultants” list of people from both school and home for crisis management, but who are the diamonds and who are the rhinestones in this ring?
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Big News! ALL THAT GLITTERS is the February 2019 choice by for strong female characters, by the Break the Bechdel Syndicate! "All that Glitters" hooks you in the first paragraph and doesn’t let go! Beth Kanell has crafted a main character who feels real from the first page, and has already introduced a mother whose voice is all her own-- and certainly someone to reckon with! We can’t wait to follow Lucky as she tracks down the person who shot her father, with the help of her two friends who also already show great potential for fully developed roles!"
; This group placed an order for TEN copies of All That Glitters. Looks like a prize-winner on the way. A good moment to pass the word to your best friends so they can ride with us; only the pre-orders will count as the true first edition of this adventure!
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 Nice break, and now it’s time to get back to seeking 20 pre-orders per day (gulp). Tomorrow I’ll start talking about the other seven books in the series (not yet written, but plotted). After all, if we’re updating Nancy Drew, we need more books, right? (Smile)
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Did you see the tweet from mega-author Brad Meltzer, recommending pre-orders for All That Glitters? Thrilled and amazed here! Please do pass the word ... tell them Brad said to buy this one. :)

Did you know there are "goodies" to go with your pre-order? I’d love it if you’d pass along word to friends, especially teachers, librarians, and book groups. Here’s the scoop:

Show on Facebook that you’ve pre-ordered, and I’ll mail you a personalized signed postcard of the book to tuck into your copy.

Show on Facebook that you’ve inspired a friend to pre-order, as well as your own, and I’ll mail you a personalized signed Vermont postcard to tuck into your copy.

Any teacher who pre-orders, email me your confirmation of the pre-order and I’ll e-mail to you my "workshop" on writing your own mystery story, customized to the grade level that you specify.

For any librarian who pre-orders and shows this on Facebook, I’ll mail you a signed postcard personalized to your library (you can specify book cover or Vermont).

Any book club or classroom that shows on Facebook an order for five or more copies can sign up for a 20-minute live author visit via Facebook Live or Skype or FaceTime, for your group. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! -- BK

We’re just reaching the magical 5% milestone on copies pre-ordered, and I have a vision of the graph starting to soar now ... you have broken the ice (and I have tramped to the icy pond, too, to put some of your initials there!) and Lucky Franklin in All That Glitters is on her way to real pages. Keep sharing the link, and I will too, and we’ll have a great ride!