What do you do when your life is a lie?

Sorina Hasdeu loves her life in the Court of Magick, one of the three Courts of the Kingdom of Theara. She’s a trained Greenwitch, she works in her mother’s house of occult supplies, and she enjoys hanging out with her best friend Bree. She also prefers to ignore the deep well of feelings she accumulated for Lyneth Walker, Vampire and general pain in the ass who disappeared from her life five years ago.

But the Barrier that separates Theara from the world of the humans is cracking open. Elders from the Courts are are dropping dead. And Lyneth has resurfaced into Sorina’s life with a shocking revelation - Sorina’s mother was once the feared leader of a league of legendary assassins known as the Daughters, and Sorina has been secretly groomed to be her assistant.

Now, Sorina’s mother is missing. And she must team up with the one person she never saw coming, for the sake of her home and her very way of life. ALL DAUGHTERS RISE.