It is July, 1776, and patriotic fervor is sweeping the colonies, but also threatening to tear them apart. Desmond Harriet isn’t picking sides, he’s picking out strands of flax. The only thing he want’s to revolutionize is paper making, but his unloving patriot wife and her family members conspire to pack him off to fight (and they hope die) for liberty. Now having been kidnapped into the new Continental Army, Desmond must face a battle he wants no part of. In his darkest moment, running from battle, a mysterious object is dropped on his head. Knocked out, he misses the message instructing him how to use it. However, Desmond finds out quickly and viscerally that it is a weapon of immense power.

Now a murderer as well as deserter, Desmond struggles to survive in the wild, until he is befriended by a young Narragansett Indian with problems of his own. Their company is joined most shockingly of all, by an escaped slave... Desmond’s escaped slave. Together they question the nature of liberty and conspire to use Desmond’s alien weapon to alter the course of the War of Independence.

As Desmond’s stock rises with the use of his weapon, its sender furiously attempts to make contact with him from the future to tell him he’s doing everything wrong, so wrong that the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Alien Revolution is a literary mash-up of sci-fi in a historical setting, a humorous underdog tale, and an exploration of courage, cowardice and the role of technology and violence in society.

John Oakes holds a Ph.D in Social and Economic Geography and is the author of numerous novels spanning multiple genres. In Alien Revolution he gets to combine his eye for vivid characters and human struggle with his love of history and wild plot scenarios.

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