Hello everyone!

So, chapter two is currently fighting me for all it’s worth. It’s quite the fight. Epic flips, swords, guns, explosions, slow motion, it has it all. So, whilst I wear that bastard down, I’ve been working on a side project, something way more regular than my current pace on Albain falls. 

I’ve recently resumed work on my blog, with weekly short story releases, each story being wildly different from the next. The current story is entitled The Kids Menu, and please go ahead and check it out! 


As for Albain Falls, now I have gotten a proper schedule sorted with my writing, and as I have this chapter on the ropes, begging for submission with tears in it’s eyes, you will see a whole new chapter very soon. 




Toodle pip!

Hey there! So it has been a long time since I posted the first chapter, but I am pleased to say that chapter 2 will be revealed soon! Life has, as it is want to do, been getting a little bit in the way, but thankfully it has given me lots of lovely ideas for new characters and I am supremely grateful for that inspiration.

Once I have gotten chapter 2 out there, more chapters will follow at a brisker pace, and pre orders will be opening soon after that, if all goes well.

Have a great day everyone!