It all started with a conversation about breast milk. Yes, I said breast milk. Three hours later I had created a matriarchal society with ancient Greek influences, a rigid caste system, gentry run amok, and a revolution brewing in the bowls of the mountain territory of Lykoreia.

This novel is in it’s first draft phase, though I hope to be finished with it soon. As I acquire readers/followers, I will post new chapters to pique your interest and keep you coming back for more. So if you’re hooked and just HAVE to have more, share/recommend After the Ruin to your friends, family, fellow readers and authors!

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My love of the written word inspired me to write my own novel.I’ve had countless ideas for novels (and still do), but this one - After the Ruin - sparked something inside me that couldn’t be put out. I eat, sleep, and dream about the Lykoreian territory, her people, and how to save her from herself. When I’m not visiting other worlds, I’m snuggling with my two pups, laughing with my adorable two-year-old daughter, and enjoying the gourmet cooking of my best friend/husband.

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