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Co-Authored by Michelle Guthrie

Back of the Book Blurb:

A virulent biological weapon wiped out every male on the planet. Humanity lived on in the female half of the species. Famine, disease, and societal contraction followed. More than 4.5 billion people died.

500 years later, the female half of humanity lives on in a form of utopia. But, all is not well. The human genome is breaking down, a secret closely guarded by the world government. The race to find a fix is on. The fate of humanity rests in the hands of elite scientists who are called to a meeting to find a solution. On one side, in the majority, stand the traditionalists, those defending the status quo. On the other, stand a small element of scientists who believe something else is needed to preserve humanity.

As the conference begins, one of the lead scientists supporting alternative methods is found murdered. The search for the murderer will bring one detective into a world where she will face the dark secrets of her race as well as those buried in her past, all leading to one final question

How will the human race survive after man?

About the Book:

This project has been in the works for five years with my wife and I. The elevator pitch is it’s Gattaca meets elements of Y the Last Man, or so fans have told me ( I haven’t read the latter). It’s a murder mystery with espionage and thriller elements set in a future earth where our main character must face challenges to her worldview which could shake the foundation of all she believes and set the world on a new path.

What this Book is NOT:

First, this is not a book meant to answer all the questions. This world the story takes place in is a complicated place where everything has changed owing to the cataclysmic event. As a result, everything you know about society, religion, politics, genders, gender roles, and much more has changed. Second, this book is not "women can’t go on without men." Having lived for 500 years without them, clearly they can. This book is an exploration of that idea: what would it be like if you take the most basic form of diversity and remove it? And then what might happen if you reintroduce it? How would society react? Third, this is not an anti-feminist diatribe. It is also not a Complementarian manifesto. The idea here is NOT to declare one gender is better than the other, or that they can only exist together if they exist in a specific mold. The idea behind it is to explore what would happen if such an event were to occur, not pass judgment on you or anyone else for how they view or believe on this subject. Finally, this book is not going to tell you what to believe or accept about it. This will have a lot of ambiguity in it ON PURPOSE. This is not to avoid conflict, but to avoid "leading the witness." The narrative is going to have a lot of opportunities to make small and big statements throughout. Places where we can hit you right in the face with something just because we want to. We won’t be doing that. The idea here is to create a setting where all of these preconceived notions we carry into our interactions with each other have all fundamentally been altered or vanished. We all are going to approach this story with differing world views and beliefs. That is fine. The goal of this story is to take you as you are and, on the other end, leave you where you choose to be after contemplating the ideas and possibilities herein.

About the Author:

Based out of Germany, Brian Guthrie is a serial author of science fiction and fantasy. His first novel, Rise, won the Nerdist Collection Contest and is set to release September, 2016. He has written Fall, sequel to Rise, and is planning on releasing it onto Inkshares later in 2016. He also has plans for another science fiction novel, a bit of historical fiction, a couple of irreverent fantasy novels, as well as many short stories set in the Future Worlds universe. Follow him as an author at guthron.com.