I like a book that keeps me guessing, and one that you don't want to stop reading. This is certainly one of those. Brian Guthrie has  put together a story that is building in intensity, and you just know something is going to happen. Do yourself a favour and read a few chapters, then I guarantee you will want to purchase this book.
Alright, I am hooked! Just a couple of chapters in and my head is already playing tricks. A decided lack of personal pronouns, but  the character voices gained gender in my head through speech patterns, when I had an epiphany and realized, that I had gone astray, all the voices had to be female!   Shame on me, but congrats to the authors on fleshing out the characters without a dependence on gender as a crutch.  I look forward to the full version hitting my bookshelf.          
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
You know you're reading REAL TALENT, when the FIRST Chapter has you HOOKED!!!Super imaginative plot!
Abigail Underwood
This narrative style is so interesting. It immediately invites the reader into a completely different world, but instantly normalises it. The characterisation is impressive. Great start!
Stephen Carignan
After Man is an interesting take on the world and the stress technology would have to absorb if something truly catastrophic happened. While there is a slight nod to Frank Herbert's The White Plague, the only true similarity is the quality of the writing. I also appreciate the task of creating strong female characters. I look forward to reading more!
Barbara England
Well-written material that really held my interest. 👍🏻
A. Dix
Loved the draft versions of this author's first novel on here and am excited to read this latest project.
J. Dix
Been looking for something to scratch that apocalyptic itch and this looks like the book to do that. New twist on a somewhat tired genre.
Kelly Larson
So many questions I want to ask. So many things to think about. Love stories like this.
Alice Dunley
Check this one out!