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When a horrific plague claims the world’s population, thirty-one-year-old Cara Lindley, Typhoid Mary of humanity’s extinction, soon realizes that in death she is no longer bound by time or space, and that the end of her life is only the beginning of her adventure. Vowing to set things right from the other side, Cara’s quest for a cure will take her to distant planets, to new lives and loves thought lost, ultimately bringing her face to face with her true place in the history of all living things. But will she find a way to stop the plague before it decimates the entire universe? And what has she taken with her from one host to the next?

AFTER DEATH is the heart-stopping and heartbreaking story of a plague spread by souls from body to body through reincarnation, following three lifetimes of one woman searching for a cure. Told in three parts, each one of our heroine’s lives, AFTER DEATH is vast in its scope and huge in its ideas. Marvel Comics writer Sina Grace (Ice Man) calls it "a constant surprise... Page-turner almost sounds trite when describing the journey Lee puts his characters- and reader- through in this refreshing debut."

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