I’ve completed two books so far in a span of half a year, you can read this story here and you can read about Steel’s Earth here I hope you enjoy both as they differ completely in writing style.


Super powers have always been a prop for my creative writing. The dreams I have are the most vivid, and fuel my creative drive for super powers (and science fiction).

Hi! Paul Plante here, I’m a lifelong writer, in nearly all categories.

I’ve been writing for the entirety of my life since vivid dreams (and nightmares) inspired me to write down what happened. Writing anything from horror, to fantasy, to science fiction, to journal styled stories. Written in the formats of screen scripts, plays, poetry, or simple prose. Before tackling this story, I went through more than half a dozen creative writing courses, working on how I translated thoughts onto screen or paper. I’ve recently dived back into my passion for writing, and I hope it shows in my work across both my books on this site.

Affinities, The First Ones is a story about discovery, morality, and getting stuck doing the right thing in the wrong situations. It deals with death, growth, and a bit of paranoia all from the perspective of the characters themselves.

Each character tackles the question of why; why them instead of someone else? Why help someone who thrusts them casually into potentially fatal arrangements? Their plans to absolve Franklin Foss (the scientist whose discovery incited the entire incident of the Affinity world) from his dangerous past only stir up trouble. An Affinity lurking in the shadows creates strife between Franklin’s new team, and Greenshaw’s (the ex-military officer concerned only with taking what he needs to control the very power of affinities itself) and is out to kill Affinities anywhere they might be, for that Affinity’s own cause. This Affinity is named Grave Mind.

Much like the X-Men deal with genetic segregation, so do the characters in AFFINITIES, THE FIRST ONES have to accept that being more than what they were before is part of life, and their identity. It affects their decisions when confronted with situations like letting a bad guy live, or saving one, as opposed to watching that character fall to the hands of an even worse enemy with unknown agendas.

Greenshaw is power hungry, and elusive, striking at Franklin from afar, desiring what he possesses, much the same way that the antagonist in ENEMY OF THE STATE desired what Robert Clayton Dean possesses. Acting mostly off screen, Greenshaw creates false victories for Franklin’s new team, always being one step ahead of him and his allies. Allowing Franklin space to believe he’s making the right move, while instead causing harm to friends, and even death. This chips away at his resolve, assuaged, no longer, of the morality of letting Greenshaw live.

The characters are diverse, because their home city of Raincover (future set Vancouver roughly 130 years from now) is diverse.

Each chapter jumps to a journey developing each of the four main characters in their most important moments in the present tense.

Yokuto Omura is coming to terms with who he is, his de-structured past, his pain of loss, using sarcasm and humour to bury the onslaught of new situations.

Clarice Whittaker is the oldest of the group, calm, capable, and caring. Looking out for the rest as the intelligence and engineer of the team, she only desires to make sure Nathan Norman is safe. But that’s no longer needed because:

Nathan Norman is invincible. The youngest of the team, and coming from a still very recent past of typical schoolyard abuse, shirking away from his foster parents, and becoming confident as an Affinity. He pushes against the groups new challenges with a mighty wave of his hand, and a practiced, stern expression.

Flannery O’Shanahan is strong willed, but beyond her cautious nature, she’s curiously trusting. This causes her a lot of problems when she’s trying to find out what’s important in the world, since her and her parent’s opinions on the Affinity matter would sooner see her running away from it all.

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You can help make this light science fiction first-in-series book something you would love to read. As I get more feedback from uploads here, I’ll continue to work on managing the story, getting any issues resolved (I know the answer to a question, but that’s because I’m the writer! The trick is making sure the reader doesn’t feel lost) and other miscellaneous things.

I can be reached most easily through twitter @IAmTheVictorian, or through paulplante20@gmail.com if needed.

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