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I’ve nearly completed my run through of Steel’s Earth and I’ve also taken the time today to upload more parts to Wattpad (more will come to Inkshares later) for both Affinities, and Steel’s Earth. Thanks for checking out my writing, I appreciate having people support my stuff by reading, or following or whatever the case might be.

Kinda crazy putting yourself in that position and have people dive right in like some of you have. Thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy my work on Wattpad, as well as here.

Have a good one, eh

Wattpad uploads for both books: https://www.wattpad.com/user/IAmTheVictorian
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@Kareem Miskel Those are generous words, thank you. There will be a tiny bit more uploaded in the future, so I appreciate your comments :)
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I really like what you’ve done with Affinities The First Ones. It is at different points suspenseful, terrifying and mysterious. You really make me wonder about the burden and community of these gifted/afflicted individuals. Many times when you’re reading you feel as if these people were violated with this power. I look forward to reading more.
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I’ve started using Wattpad again, hiding all my terrible poetry in favour of focusing the uploads to Affinities and Steel’s Earth chapters. You can read those here: wattpad.com/user/IAmTheVictorian and later today I’ll be uploading another chapter of Steel’s Earth and start uploading chapters of Affinities.

I’ve started getting PM feedback about my work, and feeling good about the general direction of things. 

Thanks for reading, have a good day and night. Expect consistent (kinda) updates from me, because I probably won’t ;p

EDIT: I’ve also went and created a Facebook Author page because I spoil myself, and you can find it here: facebook.com/paulplanteauthor/
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Greetings again, some news:

Steel’s Earth is going through its first revisions, and as I do so I’ll upload more on that project’s page.

Once I’ve finished with Steel’s Earth and begun working on something else for the book, I’ll return to the world of Affinities. But along the way I’ll upload more about The First Ones here. 

I don’t assume to know the best way in which to utilize Inkshares, so I’m just having fun with it. Though that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t appreciate some critique or thoughts on what I’ve put up as hearing comments is always a nice thing regardless of funding or not. 

Finally, I’ll be reading more stories on inkshares and doing my, I guess usual, recommend thing as it’s the way I’m able to support people. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy your days and nights. Until next time, 

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I’ve added some new chapters. Though I’ve been busy with my NaNo book (Steel’s Earth) this month, I haven’t forgotten about the Affinities story!
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The DOAAD, or The Division of Affinity Allocation and Development, is a function of global intentions to understand, and employ, those with affinities for the greater good of the world’s population. Taking over as governmental authority, its various councils, hubs, headquarters, and diverse staff and volunteers are the reason the people of the world have taken such an interest in world peace.

Or at least in the attempt of world peace.

Referred in discussion as simply the Division, it branches off into multiple facets depending on the country, population levels, and other data points.

In general, these are some of the functions:

Schools: these are as numerous as the information stations and safe houses throughout the globe. Different levels of skill, from none at all to well experienced, divert schools into different variations. One, schools exist mainly to understand how affinities manifest and develop in people, their teachers and volunteer staff come from an earlier time in the world where the DOAAD didn’t exist, and their powers evolved naturally over the course of the few years before the Division’s inception. Two, the lowest level is for those without affinities who lie between not capable of manifesting powers, but still eager to become a part of the Division’s interests and activities.

These schools teach management of affinities in high stress environments, and break down how an affinity manifests as far as the world knows. In general, the other schools for those with more experience with their powers function as research outlets, while still educating everyone on using their affinities properly and within the guidelines set out by the Division and its associate bodies.

Development Facilities: exist for the sole function of assessing the viability of allowing someone to manifest their own affinity. They’re structured within massive warehouses and other buildings all over the world. They contain volunteers and staff tasked with using their experience of powers to develop and sustain a course to test others. It’s understood that during these times, great injury and - though rare - death can occur.

This doesn’t stall the flood of sign ups through Allocation facilities.

Allocation Facilities: are buildings acting as municipal authorities to interview, and question those desiring to manifest powers of their own. These structures function as the first step to developing powers, and can take someone as long as a year or just over in order to move onto the next step, the Development Facilities or testing buildings.

Division Headquarters: are set out across the globe and half of them are secret. The others act as main governing buildings where laws, resource management plans, and other things are thought of and developed.

Other Buildings: safe houses, research labs, information houses like recon outposts and such, municipal security branches, etc. are smaller, more numerous structures intended to aid, protect, and build trust in the public and the public’s Affinity population.

More management facilities are discussed and researched all the time in this new world of powers and secrets, and the Division remains at the forefront of human evolution in humanity’s greatest hurdle yet.
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I’m working on more snippets like the one below. But I can’t stop myself from constantly changing the description below the title, above. There are so many ways to describe the book I can’t keep just one up there. Ahg!
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The Nature of Affinities

Affinities work much the same as changing genetic markers for birth - even today that is possible to some extent. However, the biggest difference is that when someone manifests an affinity, it occurs over a short period of time (near immediate to a month or so), and changes how the person functions without merely being a carrier for those changes, that would then go to offspring.

Not only do they change the person nearly immediately, but they do so almost harmlessly, and without much complications (thanks to Dr. Foss, the discoverer of the Affinity ’formula’). However, these can still occur as occasionally there are instances where someone’s manifested an affinity and that has changed their physical body drastically. In such cases, Affinities with the manifested power to alter or change other people, are in this case unable to revert the damages or complications due to affinity manifestation. For example, Word manifested the power to manipulate large collections of photons and other particles of visible light. In order to contain these particles, he has lost the ability to speak. However, when he opens his mouth to speak, he instead shoots bursts of these light particles in the form of hard light matter. When Cure confronts him to help him speak again, his ability to revert nearly every form of physical harm fails to mend Word’s lost voice. There are other instances of Affinities manifesting powers that change them physically - some beneficial, others not so.

Lastly, Affinities are beginning to segregate themselves into different groups in the world, because of certain altercations and interference from other Affinities and non-powered people. Namely, actions from people like Constructor,  the Affinity who puts people in a dream like state to control them, and Greenshaw, who’s Affinity is so far unknown, increase the danger of being an Affinity. Therefore, Affinities that bring themselves together to make surviving in the new world easier, refer to themselves as simply Affinities. While those who are against the principles and values of Affinities, the structure, the perceived lack of personal freedom, call themselves Infinities. Because of this, those without powers are referred to as Finites.

There is still much to learn about Affinities, and their affinity manifestations. Although the discovery is still new and almost two decades old by the end of the first book, powerful manifestations have already concerned the public, and other people with powers. At some point, Affinities will become appearing that are too powerful to be contained by any global force in this new world.

Thanks for reading, I’ll add more details like this at a later date.

Things have been progressing well, as I’ve finished what few edits I felt the book needed. Expect small updates of the story, characters, and excerpts later.