Book Summary

Aellor is in peril. The natural order of life is breaking under the dark magic of the Demons of Kazad. Only the Guardians of Aellor can save the world. But the guardians are lost. The grand Empire of Ehra, Kingdom of the world, has fallen to ruin and desolation. Dark Magic rules the lands and evil brews in all four corners of the earth.

But there is still yet light amongst the ever growing Darkness. A new Order has risen in Central Aellor, and Hope returns to the land. Will this new order be enough to fight the tide of Darkness?

Aellor Prophecies is a story about a young man named Silar who will travel all over the world of Aellor to stop evil from destroying everything. He will make a lot of friends along the way, but he will also make even more enemies. The world also isnt set in stone. Great calamities have been unleashed on Aellor before. All creatures will have to fight to survive in the end of all things. Silar will lose more than he gains. He will also learn what it means to be a good person, even though he may not want to be one all the time. He will lead armies, and crush enemies he doesnt even understand. Silar will see the horrors of war, and the wonder of magic. But most importantly he will come to grips with what he is, or all the world will surely end.

About the Author

Ive been writing stories since I was in 1st grade. Over the years Ive slowly refined my style and my over all theming for a good story. My family, friends and teachers, and even my enemies, all say I have an over active imagination. I take that as a daily inspiration, even when it was meant as an insult.
And from that inspiration, came Aellor Prophecies. It is my baby and Im pouring all my time and love into it. I hope you will love it just as much as I do!

Character Art

Here Ill be uploading art of all the main characters. Enjoy!
All my art is drawn by my lovely artist, Hommicue of Deviantart. Go check her out! She is a fantastic artist and Im sure youll all love her art just as much as I do.

Young Silar