A mysterious and suspenseful horror story set in a uniquely frightening fantasy world.


Aksih, It’s me. Yes, I’m still alive, though I don’t know for how much longer. Things are getting worse. Papa’s getting worse. I don’t know what to do, Aksih. I’ve done all I can. I’m writing this as the goodbye we never got to say to one another. If, Mahuitsa bless us so it may be, this letter somehow gets to you—be it in a week or a decade—know that Kihojinu is no longer our home. Nor can it ever be called that, because it’s changed. And I don’t want you to see what it’s become. Don’t look for me. Don’t try to contact Papa. It’s too late for us. Never come back, Aksih.

Aksih has received a letter from his brother years after leaving home. Despite the warning, he returns to the coastal village, only to find its desolate remains. Nothing is left.

Taking a boat out to sea with the intention of ending his own life, Aksih stumbles upon a luxury cruise ship amidst the fog--The Lady Kamura. A forgotten vessel haunted by a dark past. What he finds within brings him to the brink of reality, and only further convinces him of something he’d come to suspect long ago.

He is cursed.

Meanwhile, a foreign researcher arrives in the remnants of a fishing town that has succumbed to a mysterious illness. But her investigation yields more questions than answers, and she begins to suspect that whatever it was that caused the disaster is not intent on letting her leave.

The truth must be uncovered--but to make it out alive, what is she willing to sacrifice?

And it all comes back to the Lady Kamura--cursed, alone, adrift in a coldlight sea.

Other Information

First of all, thank you so much for reading this far! This is my first novel, currently still in its first draft (although it’s about 75% complete at the time of writing this). I plan to update this page with a few chapters from the first act once I polish them up a little, so keep an eye out for that--and if you do read it, please leave a review! And if you’re interested in seeing where Adrift is headed, follow this project!