Publishers Weekly
A reluctant knight battles an unspeakable horror in Whitta’s epic tale, a well-written debut that skillfully blends science fiction, historical fantasy, and spiritual themes - Starred Review
Darling Dork
If you enjoy reading a book that will eek itself into your dreams and linger with you even after you’ve turned the last page, then Abomination is the one.
The Wall Street Journal
‘Star Wars’ Writer Gary Whitta Journeys to the Future of Publishing
Because Whitta is a gifted screenwriter, the prose is well-written, concise and quick-paced throughout; just descriptive enough for the reader to picture all the events unfolding as if in a film.
Sci Fi Book Club
If you’re looking for a true escape - from real life and from the standard fantasy tropes – then look no further.
Geek to Me
Gary Whitta is no stranger to the realms of fantasy.
Hollywood Reporter
Gary Whitta's 'Abomination,' set in an alternate medieval England where magic is real, is ripe for optioning
Daily Dead
With writing credits that include the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One and The Walking Dead: Season One video game, Gary Whitta may already be on your radar, and his fantasy horror novel Abomination looks to place him even more prominently on the must-read map
The Qwillery
I grew up in England but was very much a product of the American sci-fi and fantasy scene, growing on Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, all the greats.