What’s the book about?

When Edward Moser is discovered to have been held captive for 20 years in his, now dead, parent’s basement the detective who worked the disappearance, Greg Sunders, begins to drown in an alcoholic self-hating depression. Yet, things only worsen when Edward mysteriously escapes his armored transport. Sunders then has to fight against Edward’s feral locked rampage, and a demonic morass that surrounds him, to save himself and innocent lives. All that stops this story from being labeled as a tragedy is that it’s not titled after either of the main characters.   

About Me

                 I grew up in Kansas City and graduated in May 2011 with a simpleton’s education. However, I’m surprised I graduated at all seeming as I was always scratching away in a notebook, but I was writing long before that. In middle school I would write fan fictions based on video games or anime and steadily, as I got older, my interests started to shift to horror. I found a whole new scope to write more original and fearsome pieces. I admit that I was heavily focused on shock value but my newer focus deals with many more relatable themes; turning these supernatural horror/thriller tales into near tragedies.