Steven Barrie
I like adventure stories with a mish-mash of fantasy characters, and A Tale of Ghosts and Guardians seems like it delivers!
Gena Stack
Fascinating story which intertwines fantasty and reality. As with any good story characters are well-developed and multi-dimensional. Fantasy fans will certainly enjoy - but even those who prefer more realistic tales should give this a try.
Gena Stack
Just reading the Auld Lang Syne selection leaves me wanting more. Characters are developed quickly in a way which makes the reader feel invested in them. You feel like you're standing at the edge of a deep pool. What you can see is great, but you know there are depths you haven't yet begun to explore.
Lauren Yates
Super excited for this one to come out!!!
Reader Writer
I have always enjoyed Ryan Cook's writing, and am looking forward to this new take on the supernatural genre!
Afton Joiner
I'm so excited to get my hands on a hard copy of this!! ^-^
Ryan Cook
What if Casper the Friendly Ghost dreamed of being Marshal Dillon?