My name is Joseph Angotti, I am the writer and creator of the Soldier’s Crest Universe. My first book, A Soldier’s Crest, was self-published and is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I’m here on inkshares to receive feedback, get some more of my works out there to the world, hopefully win a contest or two and also hopefully get traditionally published.

I want to first point out that I am a huge fan of Nerdist. I’ve been following Chris Hardwick since his appearances on Attack of the Show, I watch @Midnight religiously, I love Nerdist News with Jessica Chobot and highly anticipate every episode of the Dan Cave with Dan Casey(They’re so darn informative). I would love to be associated with them, even if I don’t get to work with them directly. The idea of being given the Nerdist "Stamp of Approval" would be an absolute dream come true and a complete honor.

The idea for this particular book was specifically designed and brought up for the current Nerdist contest. I wanted to create a video game world that we can enjoy and have fun in without actually playing a game - though as I began writing the draft for Chapter 1, I would love to have a game like this. It’s a lot of our favorite things about FPS games all rolled into one with a lot more customization and freedom.

I will be uploading a lot of updates to the chapters and hopefully a completed/edited Chapter 1 in the next day or so. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Here’s a little bit about my plans for the book:

The book takes place on a planet in a far off galaxy from Earth. On this planet there is a super-powered telescope that allows the inhabitants to view all of the other planets around them. Using this they start to develop a lot of different ideas, styles, technology and trends from all of the worlds around them. With this amazing power and technology, their planet becomes one of the most fortified planets in the universe. It also becomes one of the largest targets in the universe as well, as alien lifeforms begin to take interest in getting their hands on the telescope. The most dominant alien force in existence, known as the Eru, are one of those lifeforms that shows interest and begins to make plans to take the telescope.

Meanwhile, our heroes, going by the clan name of The Lost Bears of Cydonia, are just young teens trying to break out into the world of professional gaming. Though unable to make it to the pros during the release and entirety of the hit game "Imperium," they now have a second chance at glory with the recent release of Imperium II. Through skirmishes, they try to earn a spot in the pro-circuit but their rivals, the Dogs of Dogma, do everything in their power to stop their progress. With the ever looming Eru on their way to their planet - can these young teens utilize what they’ve learned from aspiring to be professional gamers to save their planet? How can they fight back?

Find out how in A Soldier’s Crest: Imperium!