Hello everyone!

My name is Joseph Angotti, I am the writer and creator of the Soldier’s Crest universe. I don’t consider myself the best writer in the world, but I do think I have a very strong and creative mind. While my descriptions and character development can still use some work and fine tuning, I’m extremely confident in my ability to write some serious action and fight sequences. My writing is very fast paced and intense. Here are a few more things you should know about me:

My History with Inkshares: Some of you might remember me and the "Soldier’s Crest" title from the very recent Nerdist contest right here on Inkshares. I ran a pretty amazing campaign that probably didn’t get as much notice from Inkshares and Nerdist as it should have. I entered the contest extremely late(only 10 days left in the contest) and had one of the most impressive surges with 122 preorders in 10 days. Those preorders were good enough to land me in 7th place! The response and support was amazing, those 10 days alone were draining but fun and I’m hoping that entering the contest on Day 1 will make a huge difference in where I land in the end.

About "A Soldier’s Crest: Heroes of Khroma": ASC:HoK, is actually the second book in the series. I have already self-published the first book in the series that is simply titled "A Soldier’s Crest." If you’re curious about the first book, you can find it here:


With the special rules of Inkshare’s contests, a self-published author like myself can still participate because there are no ties to this specific publisher I used to self-publish. To those who know about getting "self-publishing with help" you must know already that it can be a rather expensive endeavor - one that this contest can help me skip entirely for my second book.

What does that mean for the content posted for this contest? Well, I can’t really post much for the second book of the series without major spoilers for the first book. So, all of the content posted(the video above, the prologue below and whatever else may come) will all be from the first book. The second book is a continuation and I’ve already begun writing it, but you won’t be seeing any of it on here due to spoilers.

To the Supporters(My "Cresties") - So, you’re probably wondering why you should support this project. This being the second book it certainly comes with some perks as far as promotion.

Giveaways: Every 15-20 preorders, I will do mini-giveaways that only people who have preordered will qualify for. These preorders will include signed copies of the first book, ASC T-Shirts with the ASC Logo on it(This is what those look like: http://www.zazzle.com/soldiers_crest_title_tee_shirt-235549654549004146 ) and signed posters of the cover of the first book featuring the art of Hieu Bui(His art is also featured in the trailer above!).

Every 10+ preorders I will release more of the first book for free right here on the inkshares page.

There is already a facebook page and you can reach out to me any time on here or on twitter(@SoldiersCrest)

The Future of the Franchise and what this means for Geek and Sundry: A Soldier’s Crest has been in the works for a long time, I’ve been working on the series for over 10 years. With only one book out after all that time, it may seem like I’m working at an extremely slow pace - but the distractions I had along the way while writing the first book actually all tie together in the Soldier’s Crest universe. I have 11(!) books planned for the series, with 2-3 side stories taking place between each one. ASC: The Dragon Knight Chronicles and ASC: Shadowed Lives are two short stories currently in the works and set to be released before the 2nd book. I have written multiple paragraphs and chapters for short stories and future books over the last few years so that everything along the way will work together and make sense in the end. I have really thought this series through and I’m proud of where I have gotten.

For Geek and Sundry this means something very special for this contest: If they choose me in the end(if I make it to the top 3, that is) they will basically be getting an entire franchise worth of books. Of course, some have yet to be written but they are all in the works. I am very passionate about this project and truly believe it is extremely marketable if given the chance. It would be perfect for a movie franchise or a TV Series. I already have 100s of ideas for video game adaptations(as I am a huge gamer, I think about this more than I should lol). This could easily be the next Game of Thrones and Harry Potter and the discovery of this project could belong to Geek and Sundry with the help of all of you.

Please help me make this dream a reality and bring the Soldier’s Crest franchise to where it belongs - in the public eye as the future of the fantasy genre.

Thank you for your time and your support!