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There are an estimated 100,000 right-wing militia extremists in the United States. And they are angry.

As an LGBT, atheist, progressive, left-winger, I’ve long been the target of hatred and fear by people I don’t even know. I disagree with many people’s opinions, but I don’t hate those people and I certainly don’t want to silence them or enslave them or shut them out of society. Yet, many people say they want to do those things to me. I wanted to explore what drives that behavior. The recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the U.S. is a great backdrop to explore characters’ motivations. There are a lot of threats of violence on the internet and the airwaves. What if some of them were acted upon?

It’s still early in the process of writing this novel. I have many pages of notes, character outlines, and scenes. Here is a condensed version of the first chapters.