John Robin, author of Blood Dawn
What engaging, twist-and-turn writing! JF Dubeau knows exactly where to throw his curve balls, turning what might otherwise be just another childhood anecdote into an intriguing tale. Like an iceberg, there is very much a feeling of so much lurking beneath the surface in the narrator's voice, driving me onward to wonder just what this chance meeting of a strange creature in the woods has set in motion.
Paul Inman
Let me preface by stating this review is for the Prologue only.  I know the first 3 chapters are available too...I love a good horror/sci-fi/fantasy.  J-F has really wet the appetite of the reader in this prologue.  He uses his skills not only to hook you in but to keep you guessing what will happen next.  The green-skinned thing almost seems like a child learning how to play with other children in this opening scene.  It amazed me how quickly and literally it learned.This is well written so it makes it easy to read and drift into one's imagination.  I will be reading all the available chapters will anxiously awaiting my preorder!  Great work!
Robert Wren
The intrigue of A God in the Shed stacks nicely from chapter to chapter. What starts as a detective's mystery story quickly grows into the even more enthralling horror-thriller with hints of a deeply developed supernatural element lurking in the shadows. Fantastic start to a story I can't wait to finish! I highly recommend that you pre-order your copy today!
Elyse Leconte
I was eager to read The God in the Shed when Jean-François asked me to read the manuscript and tell him what I thought about it. He’s always been an amazing storyteller but it was the first time I was reading something written by someone I know. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised. The book can rival any novel written by well-known authors of the horror genre. Set-up in a fictitious Québec small town, the characters’ personal story arc is well-defined and stirring, making each one of the believable and interesting. The narrative weave is extremely well written and the plot line makes The God in the Shed a thrilling horror novel. I can’t wait for it to be printed so I can proudly own a copy in my bookcase and read it again.
Steve Soldwedel
JF Dubeau is a craftsman. He has taken an everyday, idyllic setting and imbued it with intrigue, dread and suspense, and he uses it as the backdrop for a supernatural yarn that is both gripping and credible. What I love best about his work is that I believe him; his prose is engrossing.
Byron Gillan
From the opening moments of this brilliant story, readers are treated to a work evocative of the great Stephen King himself. Moody and gothic, both strange and beautiful. This is shaping up to be a rare treat for audiences, and I can't wait to get my filthy hands on the final copy. 
J. Mike
One of the most compelling reads i have found in a long time can't wait to read more.
Bryn Hagan
I really like the idea, it's original to me. I also found the writing flowed well, and felt like I was reading a regular book from the bookstore. The descriptions are good, but not too exaggerated, instead feel natural.
Jamison Stone author of Rune of the Apprentice

A God in the Shed got me on first chapter with its terribly creepy depiction and foreboding themes. Looking forward to reading more!
Stephen Carignan
This is a truly dramatic setup to a rich story that promises to be both engaging and suspenseful. It is a great device to have a green-skinned creature encounter this group of children and have those children teach it the rules of their game. Since this is only a taste of what's to come, I can only imagine what awaits Nathan as he finally goes back to his childhood home. A great read!