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(Previously titled: Murder at the Veterans’ Club)

It’s 1924, and Eric Peterkin is an established member of the Britannia Club, a gentlemen’s club for ex-servicemen. It seems like an idyllic haven, but when a gentlemen’s wager ends with one man dead in the vault under the club, Eric finds himself compelled to tackle the mystery.

The quest takes him from a dilapidated former hospital to a six-year-old disappearance, and on to the secrets of the club’s governing board of officers. Threatened with expulsion and dogged by the shadows of other people’s pasts, Eric presses on nonetheless. But can he snare the killer before his own membership becomes a thing of yesterday?

  1. Chapter One: Rule, Britannia
  2. Chapter Two: The Knight Errant
  3. Chapter Three: The Gauntlet

Eric Peterkin is the hero of the story: an idealistic young man who, as the story begins, feels a little uncomfortable with his membership at the gentlemen’s club to which his family has belonged for generations. He’s half-Chinese on his mother’s side, and there are those who think he’s not "English enough" ... and of those, one or two have the bad taste to make their feelings known. Eric dreams of earning his place, of establishing his right by some sort of grail quest. But when the quest turns inwards on his "fellow knights", Eric must decide if the prize is worth the price.

The audiobook, narrated by Raphael Corkhill, is available at Audible.com.

Raphael Corkhill’s voicework can be found not only in audiobook readings but also in video games like Titanfall and Uncharted. His performance here in A Gentleman’s Murder is nothing short of phenomenal.

Christopher Huang grew up in Singapore and moved to Canada when he was seventeen. He returned to Singapore the following year to serve his two years of National Service, before moving on to McGill University to study Architecture. After several years living and working in Montreal, he now lives in Calgary.

A longtime fan of the "golden age" of detective fiction and the principles of fair play governing the genre, he is firmly of the belief that the primary attraction of detective fiction is that readers should be able to solve the mystery themselves from the given clues, prior to the grand denouement.

His other works include:

He is not the author of any medical textbooks. That’s someone else.

The book was released on 31 July 2018. Check your local bookstores!