Christopher Huang's latest update for A Gentleman’s Murder

Oct 21, 2018

Those of you who are in Montreal might be interested to know that the Montreal West Public Library will be hosting a Night of Mystery and Suspense this Wednesday, 24 October, at 7:30pm. I will be there, of course, along with John Kalbfleish ("A Stain Upon the Land") and Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan ("Where Bodies Fall", "The Courier Wore Shorts", and many others) to read, meet, and greet. Do stop by if you can!

Meanwhile, we’re at the halfway mark of the Inkshares Mystery & Thriller contest with "Cat’s Paw" in second place. If you enjoyed "A Gentleman’s Murder", I’m sure you’ll love "Cat’s Paw". Do check it out -- as was the case before, your support is what enables books like this to happen.

Speaking of making books happen, there seems to be some good stuff happening on Inkshares right now. I mentioned Z. Z. Traver’s "Gumshoe Rules" back when the contest started, and I still think it’s worth checking out. Aside from that....

"The House That Fell From the Sky" features a house that appears in the middle of the city out of nowhere. A bunch of people are set to enter and investigate, and you know that nothing good can possibly come out of it. A book trailer just went up on the page a few days back, and it gives a pretty nice idea of the sort of flavour and atmosphere we should expect.

For those of you who prefer epic fantasy, there’s "Bane of All Things". The tech level’s a little more advanced than usual -- they’ve got gunpowder -- and it looks like we’ll be dealing with some interesting questions about loyalty.

And of course, don’t forget "Cat’s Paw". Let’s make this book happen!