Christopher Huang's latest update for A Gentleman’s Murder

Oct 28, 2018

Two weeks from today is Remembrance Day; Veterans Day in the US; or Armistice Day as it was called originally. This year, it marks the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the fighting in the First World War. When we pin the poppy to our lapel this year, remember that it’s not just about thanking our veterans, but about acknowledging the ongoing cost to them. The First World War drew our attention to the phenomenon of PTSD; and while a lot has changed since then, PTSD remains a reality for many.

Among the Inkshares books to consider this season: "Blasted by Adversity" and "The Battle Within". The first is a biography; the second, a fictionalised thriller. Already published and available, both books deal with the trials of the aftermath, and would be well worth the read.

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