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The homeworld of Freia Skuld is as distant from the comfortable inner planets as it is different. Myrk orbits the blue gas giant Terrere at the farthest reaches of the System. While the Femmani moons get a boost of heat from bright Gallows, Myrk receives very little infrared energy from Terrere and instead relies on far-away Skopi, which appears as the grandest star in a sky filled with many others.

Few Myrkers see the stars, however, since Myrk’s cloud-covered atmosphere is packed with greenhouse gases that make life livable on its surface. Often described as "soggy," the air is filled with abundant water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozone. Rain frequently falls on Myrk, often serving as the bigger indication of twilight than the dimming sky. Thanks to the lack of atmospheric energy, storms are rarely violent.

With its somber weather, Myrk is seen as a quiet corner of the System. Inhabitants are famous for their heavy garb, work ethic, and dedication to their families and communities, with whom they spend a great deal of time trying to stay warm and dry.

A Taste of World-building...

When we humans first came to the Skopi system after being cast off from Irth for our sins, the first to arrive discovered teaming wilderness. Grandmother had taken pity upon the lost tribe, and she sent the Makers to weave what was barren into life.

The metal Maker spirits dug deep into the soil to bring forth clean air. They built the great generators for the magnetic shields that protect worlds from Skopi’s merciless wrath. They planted the forests and filled the land, sea, and air with creatures of all kinds. When their work was at last complete, the Makers buried themselves into caves to rest until their many hands might be needed again.

Humbled by their long journey, the first humans were thankful that Grandmother had blessed them with a chance for new life. They followed the will of the Father to found cities, and they tamed the wilderness through the spirit of the Son. The emperor decreed that we all should work as stewards to care for our worlds so that we may let the Makers sleep instead of calling them forth with our selfishness and sloth.

A certain cult among the Teks holds a legend the Makers were actually sent ahead by human hands, not through the work of Grandmother. This is heresy, of course, and has been routinely under inquisition by the Confessors.

(this comes into play much later in the series)

Chapter 1 of A Fracture is posted! It has all the greats: action, music, drinking, and a little romance...