Hello everyone.

Thank you all for still being followers of this project!

Sorry that I’ve been quiet for a while. 

I’m still writing A Day in the Lies of Inari Meiwaku and have passed 50, 000 words on the first draft.

I’m also exploring new ways to promote the book.  To that end I’ve started a blog over on Word Press.  https://richardmarpole.wordpress.com/ That’s the best place to get updates on how my book is progressing.  There’s also a lot on it about fantasy and geek culture in general so if you’re looking for new, (or old), things to read, watch or play then why not check it out.

I’m also happy to give shout outs on the blog to other writers or reviewers who return the favour.

Thanks again.

See you next time.

Image Sharyl Friend Pavlisko · Reader · added over 6 years ago
Dear Richard,

I do hope you keep us here, updated!

I too, have a couple of stories I’d love to share with all of the wonderful readers/writers here, but honestly feel a bit intimidated to do so, and like you, have no idea how to go about promoting my stories to actual novels! Lol!

I’m on this site called Wattpad, so I can at least get feelers out and readers to vote & comment.
Feedback is key, as well as my inspiration!

Us unknown authors do not have the luxury of writing and promoting, editing, etc., full time, so I totally relate to your last update comment.

I’m sad to see you go, but really hope you’ll come back to Inkshares, or at least keep us Followers in the Loop, regarding this and any other work you have!

Good Luck in your writing endeavor!
I wish for you success and prosperity as an upcoming author!
Never stop creating!

Blessed Be,
Sharyl Friend Pavlisko

Hello everyone.

So, some sad news; the campaign for A Day in the Lies of Inari Meiwaku will be finishing soon.

At this point there is no way that this story will reach the publication goal on Inkshares.  Those of you who were wonderful enough to pre-order this book should be getting your refunds at the end of the year. 

So is this the end of Inari Meiwaku and her adventures?


I am still fully invested in writing this story and plan to explore other methods of publication.  First though I’m going to concentrate on finishing the first draft.  It’s become clear that I don’t have the energy, time or marketing knowledge to campaign for a book while also writing it at the same time.

So I’m going to write it.  Then I’m going to learn how to market it.  Then I’m going to find some way to unleash it on the world.  Quite possibly through the Amazon Kindle store but we’ll see how we go.

I’m greatful to Geek and Sundry and Inkshares for creating the competition which spurred me on to actually start writing this book.  It’s been a blast and I hope that one day other people will have as much fun reading the finished article as I have had writing it.

In the meantime I’ll use my author profile on Inkshares to promote the book and keep people updated on how its going.  (Unless the folks at Inkshares object to this).  Maybe I will even relaunch on Inkshares if I get enough readership to make it worthwhile.

Most importantly.  Thank you everyone for taking an interest in this project, it is the greatest compliment you could ever have paid me.  

Bye for now, though not forever.


Hello gentle readers.

The number one Inari related news item for this week is that I have uploaded a holding cover for A Day in the Lies of Inari Meiwaku to Inkshares. This is based on a photo of a shrine to the real Inari in Kyoto, Japan taken by me so no copyright issues to worry about. Perhaps Inarie Meiwaku could have posed for this very statue! I’m expecting to replace this cover with a picture of Inari in, mostly, human form done by an artist friend of mine that will give the book a more Urban Fantasy feel than the current cover. 

In the meantime I think it looks quite pretty. Let me know your thoughts!

In writing news I’m onto Chapter 4 which gives a little more information about Inari’s life in London and explains how she was recruited by the organisation she calls MI13. 

I’m also trying to answer a couple more questions in order to get the narrative right. 

First, what could you buy in a supermarket that owls would like to eat? 

Second, what spirits would you meet in a court populated by the ghosts of dead places and structures from British history? So far I have previous incarnations of London Bridge, the ghost of the Great Exhibition and the ghost of old Sarum.

Let me know your thoughts and as ever please have a look at the chapters and post your thoughts and reviews.

Thanks everyone for your support.


Hi all. Thanks for following A Day in the Lies of Inari Meiwaku!

There are two chapters uploaded onto the main page now. Please check them out and tell me what you think! I won’t be uploading Chapter 3 for a while because I need to focus on some serious promotion to get this book off the ground. In the meantime I’m taking suggestions on a particular scene over in the Inkshares Forum on a thread called Musical Bar Brawl. (Pretty much what it sounds like).

I also need to concentrate on finding the right artist to make a front cover for the book. I’m talking to a friend who may be able to help me out but suggestions are welcome.

But I’m still writing and I just have to say that the more I flesh out Inari’s story the more excited I get about writing this book! I can’t wait to introduce you all to characters like the reclusive, boneclad Owlman, (no, he is definitely not a superhero).  Or Honest Tom; one of Inari’s fellow immortals who may be plotting to rewrite all the rules of society or might just want to make a quick buck. I also have some scenes I’m really looking forward to, particularly the bar brawl with the band of Unseelie brothers and the bit when Inari demonstrates how to greet unwelcome guests using an open liftshaft.

Thanks again. Happy reading/writing guys.


10402862 477773042421218 100353067873841327 n Nic Tilley · Reader · added over 6 years ago
Really got into this. Some clever descriptions and the protagonist’s personality screams out of the narration. Wonderful. Intriguing world. I want to know more about Inari’s version of historical events. More!