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I’m putting together a video to add to the project page. Let me know here or on Twitter if you have any questions you’d like answered in the video. 
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I’m beyond thrilled that A Cold Day to Drown has been selected as the Staff Syndicate pick of the month for May. Thank you to everyone who believes in this novel! 

I truly hope that we can find enough like minded people to bring this book to publication. 

Keep on fighting!
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Thanks to everyone who ordered in the last couple days!

I especially appreciate the positive comments posted on Twitter, Inskhares, etc. I put a lot into Cold Day and am thrilled that it speaks to some of you the same way it does to me.

It’s going to be a long path, but with over two months remaining there’s still a solid chance we can make this book happen. 

May the Forth be with us! ;-)
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That’s right.
While I’m sure there are still some typos, and I’ll certainly clean up a few sentences here and there before final publication, I’m proud to announce that A Cold Day to Drown is done. You can read the whole book now here on Inkshares. 

That means the hard work has just begun. 

Readers, if you like this book, please take the step of purchasing an ebook version... or maybe even a printed copy. I need your help to turn this nightmare into a reality. 

Thanks for all your support!
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I posted five more chapters of A Cold Day to Drown tonight. At this point I only need to finish the last two chapters... 

Chapter 33 is going to be a bit odd to revise. In its initial form it involved a lot of simplistic combat scenes, which are both dull to read and feel unnecessary after the intensity of previous chapters.

So... chapter 33 is getting a re-write in the next few days to make it more psychedelic. Talbot needs chemical support to keep moving at this point in the story, so I’m positing that whatever custom pharma Schuster and her cronies cook up for him will have the side effect of breaking reality for him.

After that... chapter 34 is already finished, but I want to give it one more scrub and polish before releasing it to the world... 
And then the book is done. 

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Just started reading it.  Loving it.  Can’t wait to keep reading.  Just wanted to let you know that I started it and am going to keep on reading.  Great job!
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Added two more chapters tonight. Sorry for the delay... have been prepping for conventions and got hit with a nasty cold. Should be back to a couple chapters a week now. 
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Added two more revised chapters tonight. More development of Tal’s background and relationship with Schuster, Seth, and this broken world.