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About The Book

Earlier this year we were blessed by the birth of our first child, Piper. She lived for 11 days before passing away early the morning of May 6th.

That’s why I’m writing this novel, to tackle the unimaginable reality of losing a child. To contrast the mundane with the supernatural in order to show that grief can be as equally horrifying as any ghost, goblin or monster.

I’ve come to learn that many people suffer through such tragic losses. Some statistics say as many as 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage and every year 3 million babies will die within their first month of life. It’s a tragic fact and something we rarely talk about. I’m hoping this story can open the door for people to talk about what they’ve experienced or just let others know they’re not suffering alone.

The book’s protagonist is Judd, a heartbroken man who has lost both his wife and daughter. The story will follow him as he struggles with the pain of his loss even while having to do all the things that life requires in these moments. As he finds himself more and more lost, he’s offered a shred of hope. His daughter may still be alive but taken by an ancient society of inhuman creatures. As his investigation leads him deeper and deeper into a dark underworld, the reader will have to decide if Judd is truly on a righteous quest or just slowly losing his sanity.

The title, 3point8, is the exact weight of my daughter’s remains.

You can reach me at 3point8.novel@gmail.com. Any comments or feedback is welcome! And if you’ve suffered a loss of your own, and need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact me.

About Me

I love stories to an almost obsessive degree. I always have. When I was young my parents wouldn’t punish me by sending me to my room, they’d just forbid me from reading. I got in trouble during many a family vacation for having my eyes buried in a book instead of enjoying whatever historical place we were visiting.

As an adult I was lucky enough to bring my love of storytelling into my work. As the Director of Environmental Design at PlainJoe Studios, I get to help tell stories within physical spaces that people can touch. It’s my job to oversee story direction for every one of our projects; from restaurants or dynamic office spaces to themed children’s facilities or even high profile immersive attractions.

I live in Corona, CA with my wife Jaimee.

Update (08/26/15)

I’ve decided that, should this book get published and I make any money, 50% of anything I receive will go to Forever Footprints (http://www.foreverfootprints.org/). They’re an amazing organization that works to support families that have suffered a pregnancy or infant loss.

Besides providing support and education, Forever Footprints also has a program that donates Memory Boxes to families and hospitals. While I’m not sure they put Piper’s memory box together, I do know that it’s become a treasured remembrance of our little girl. Having something tangible to hold on to makes a big difference.

This book started as a healing exercise for myself. If it can help others as well, if Piper’s death can help bring light to other parents who are hurting, it would mean the world to me.

If you’d like to support this organization directly (either with money or materials), you can do so here: http://www.foreverfootprints.org/how-you-can-help/donate/

And if you’d like to support the book, you can pre-order it here: www.inkshares.com/projects/3point8/