Tell me, dearie, have you read the lesson on the Interdiction, yet? It’s right HERE, and OVER HERE I’ll be giving a Live Workshop shortly after lunch just in case you want something to mull over during the daily Morning Writing accountability practice.

Oh, and here’s your worksheet, of course:


By the way, that workshop expands on my theory from over HERE which is an update to my article on fear from over HERE.

Happy Questing,

Alright, m’dears, Sphere I: Introduction has begun HERE and your first short-and-sweet lesson on Absentation is HERE. Which means your next worksheet is here:

Feel to print it out or generally do your own thing in your own notebook/journal, just be sure to write out your full Wish List for all your questing needs!

Good journey, my friends,

Hullo! Did you have a happy holiday season, keeping warm and sharing all the stories with all the loved ones?

I know I did ... until that final plane ride home gifted me a nasty bug that took me out of commission until ... well ... yesterday really. I expected time with my family to completely hijack my writing and posting schedule, but I’d hoped my body would just hold on til that indeterminate time when I would have given it the go-ahead to shut down.

Wishful. Thinking.

Anyhoo, I’m back and I have a plan and a schedule to get this book made, which means it’s officially update time:

  1. I have given myself 100 days to finish this guided journal. That’s 10 days in draft mode and 90 days in campaign mode regardless of how many readers I manage to gather in my little corner of the interwebs. 
  2. These 100 days of editing the final draft, sharing it with you, and getting a jump on other things (both related and not) will be done primarily during my Morning Writing which I had decided to stop hiding and instead get even more public with. First, if you’d like to partake in live-stream accountability practice, you can do so here: bit.ly/RoseJermusyk ... Second, I have made this practice into a 2-part Facebook event which you can join in: bit.ly/MorningWriting1 ... and ... bit.ly/MorningWriting2 ... it’s set up as two events because Facebooks won’t currently let you build an event with more than 52 individual dates. Go figure.
  3. If at the end of these 100 days the guided journal has not reached its funding needs, I will self-publish the thing because it’s important to me to get it out there. Apparently, my telling you this negates the all-or-nothing urgency which so many rely on to reach their funding. So here’s the less-than-fun truth: if this project doesn’t reach its funding goal and I self-publish, I will be doing so at a higher price point. Not much higher, but higher. 
  4. I will be posting every other day alternating between posting a lesson as a book segment, and posting the related worksheet(s) as part of the reader update. By my calculations, I will have given you the entire journal for free well before the 100 days are up. Assuming that my posting schedule is not further interrupted.

So, as you may recall, I posted the first lesson 00: Initial Situation, now I am attempting to post an image of the related worksheet which may or may not print, but should be visible enough for you to "rip off" in your own notebooks/journals:

Here’s to a new year of better self-care so that the things that get done are the ones that matter most.

Good journey, my friends,