101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See is the ultimate travel guide for movie, TV, music, and celebrity enthusiasts. 

Want to be a Seatfiller at the Oscars, eat at Brad Pitt’s favorite restaurant, or help move the stage during the Super Bowl Halftime show? This guide will tell you how.

For the past five years I have covered film festivals, comic cons, music festivals, movie filming locations, fundraisers, Walk of Fame Ceremonies, book signings, and countless other celebrity events for OnLocationVacations.com (OLV).

As the creator and editor of OLV, I’ve also helped hundreds of fans have the experience of a lifetime. Fans have come to me to find out how they can meet their favorite celebrity on a TV set, get audience tickets to a TV show, and many other often hard to achieve quests. And, through the process of helping them, I’ve become an expert in the Pop Culture Travel niche.

This guide will encompass the best of all that I’ve learned, as well as the locations and events I am most frequently asked about by my readers. This guide will give me the opportunity to put all of that knowledge in one, compact edition that fans can carry with them as they travel.

For instance, did you know The Hobbiton Movie Sets from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films was built as a permanent structure on private farmland in New Zealand and is open to the public? Some diehard fans have even been married on the property!

Have you always wanted to be an amateur paparazzi? Did you know you can take more celebrity photos on Main Street in Park City, UT in two or three days during the Sundance Film Festival than you can in a week or two in L.A. or NYC any other time of the year? Or, did you know that SNL only opens their ticket lottery once a year? What if you want to get tickets via the standby line? You better get there early and bring the necessary supplies.

These are just a few examples of the types of tips 101 Places Every Pop Culture Fan Should See will include. Many of the places I’ll discuss I’ve experienced firsthand and know how to get the most out of them. I’ve volunteered at the Tribeca Film Festival, Interviewed the cast of The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con, taken studio tours, watched Glee film in Central Park, and waved to my family at home from the Today show.

I’m excited to share with fellow fans what they need to add to their bucket list and what they should skip.

With money earned from InkShares, I will be able to finish researching and traveling to locations in the book to make it the definitive guide I know it can be.

With your Money

With the funds raised, I will travel to more of the book’s featured destinations and subsidize my writing.