Hello, readers. Tomorrow is the final day of the Nerdist Sci-Fi contest. 1000 Faces has been sitting in 7th place, with the same number of readers, for a little while now. In fact, the whole leader-board from 6th place downward has been rather quiet.

To those of you who have preordered 1000 Faces, thank you for your support. It means a lot to me to know that you believed in the concept or in me (or both!) enough to put your hard-earned cash towards it. As it stands, time will run out for 1000 Faces crowdfunding campaign on June 30th. Some time after that, you’ll receive a refund. I still plan on completing 1000 Faces and getting it out to the world somehow. I’ll be in touch with you again once I know how.

While I have your attention, I’d love it if you could take a look at and consider supporting Mission 51 with a preorder:


It’s The X-Files meets The Immigrant, and readers are calling it one of the best sci-fi books they’ve ever read

~ Jenny

Less than a week remains in the Nerdist contest. I’m sad to share that 1000 Faces has slipped from 5th to 7th place and that the gap between 1000 Faces and the top 3 is yawning ever wider. Without an unexpected surge of orders, it seems unlikely that we will be able to close that gap.

Thank you all for support. 

~ Jenny

Exciting news, readers: 1000 Faces has been chosen as the monthly pick for the Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate. This is a real honour and I’m so delighted to share with you the syndicate’s reason for picking 1000 Faces:

  In 1000 Faces, J. Graham-Jones has captured one of the most insidious fears that waits below the surface of almost every modern interaction- privacy. Kara, the protagonist, is a woman who seems to wear a mask to keep out those around her as well as all those who read her story. Jones’ voice is crisp and mysterious, masterfully easing us into this very possible future through the eyes of a woman we can’t wait to see come into her own.  

The support of the syndicate has pushed 1000 Faces into 5th place in the Nerdist contest. We’re now within 16 readers of the top 3 and victory!

Don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer on Youtube, and my interview with Natacha Guyot’s Nexus.

More importantly, don’t forget to preorder. There are only 10 days left in the contest, and your preorder could be the difference between Kara Finch hiding behind a mask forever, or stepping out into the spotlight...

~ Jenny

I made a short (and hopefully creepy) trailer for 1000 Faces.

** it includes some flashing imagery **

What do you think?

~ Jenny

There are only two weeks left to influence the outcome of the sci-fi contest.  Here’s a run-down of the top 10 at the time I’m sending this message. I’ve highlighted the top 3 - who are currently in the position to win the contest and full publication - and where 1000 Faces is in relation to them. 

Mission 51 - 100 
Crow’s Gambit - 59 
Proteus - 51
Artifical Generation - 44 
The Experiment Himself - 44 
Mutants: Uprising - 42 
After Death - 40 
Linked - 40 
1000 Faces - 40 
Curio Citizen - 38 

Yes - we’re that close!  Remember, only the top 3 entries will be published. If you’ve already preordered, please consider sharing the book with your friends, or leaving a review here on Inkshares of what you think about the concept and samples.

~ Jenny

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This is an awesome concept!

Six orders stand between 1000 Faces and the top 3 of the Nerdist contest


If you’re following this project because you enjoy the concept, because you enjoy my writing, please consider preordering today. If you haven’t checked out the sample content from 1000 Faces yet, you can find them under the ’Read’ tab on the project page - or at the links below!



~ Jenny

Happy Friday, readers!

1000 Faces continues to fight for it’s spot in the top 3 of the Nerdist contest. Check out the leaderboard to get a look at the numbers. I’d tell you which position the book is in right now, but chances are, it will have changed by the time you read this! The important thing is that you can help push 1000 Faces up the board and into the top 3, where it will be guaranteed full, international publication by preordering today.

In other news, I’ve been invited to do another author interview on Natacha Guyot’s blog. While my interview isn’t available to read just yet, you can checkout Natacha’s #SciFiWomen Interviews featuring lots of other women who read, write, and support science fiction.

With that said, I’d like to share some of the reviews and feedback that 1000 Faces has received so far. (Don’t forget, you can leave a review of your own if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read.)

"Great elevated sci-fi concept! Can’t wait to read this one." - Tal Klein, author of The Punch Escrow (winner of The Geek & Sundry Hard Science contest)

The second I read the description of Jenny Graham-Jones “1000 Faces” I knew I had to have a copy. That kind of dystopian, bleak-future vision of our world - where everyone wears a mask and all is never as it seems - is my kind of jam." - Joseph Asphahani, author of The Animal In Man (winner of The Sword and Laser: The Sequel contest)

"1,000 Faces does exactly what all good science fiction should do: explore and aspects of society in a new and thought-provoking light. What happens when the internet is no longer anonymous, but the real world is? I can’t wait to find out. " - Evan Graham, author of Tantalus Depths

If this were a movie, I imagine it stylistically looking like V for Vendetta. You can feel the character’s emotional conflict in the second excerpt. While the first excerpt gives a great look into the societal concept. I’m really excited for this one." - Ryne Drogemuller, author of Through The Ghost

Hey, readers.

1000 Faces is currently jostling with a couple of other books for 3rd place in the Nerdist contest. If you like the book- if you like the concept...

"In a paranoid near-future where every private part of the internet is public, people hide their identities behind digital masks. Desperate for intimacy in this impersonal world, a mask designer risks everything to feel close to another human being."

Please consider preordering. There are 2 excerpts you can read right now, which will introduce you to the main character, Kara Finch, and the world she lives in:



~ Jenny

Hello, readers.

I’ve added a short excerpt to the project page for 1000 Faces, which will give you your first glimpse of the life of Kara Finch and the world of the near-future. Take a read, let me know what you think - you can even leave a review

In his The Story So Far round-up of the contest’s first week, Joey Angotti had this to say about 1000 Faces: 

 "1000 Faces is a horrifying and very realistic plot that really begs to ask the question: “Where are we going as a society?” Basically, the internet and all the information shared and carried online could potentially be exploited by hackers and terrorists - we’ve seen it happen before. Now take those situations and amplify by 1000(just seemed right to use this number) and there you go. Now you have a world wide(puns for days) epidemic that not only cause people to fear and back away from the internet, but also opens people’s eyes to the fact that “big brother is always watching.” It’s pretty scary and reminds me of when people were afraid that Microsoft was spying on them with the Xbox Kinect or when people put tape over the camera in their laptop to make sure no one is spying on them through that."  

Thanks, Joey ;) Yes, 1000 Faces is currently in 5th place - but the fight at the top of the contest leader board is getting more competitive every day.  

I’ll be adding more excerpts over the coming week.

~ Jenny