Lila is a witch. One of the firstborn, to be exact, which makes her powerful. And dangerous. And in demand. The demon Angelique has a plan for the world, one that involves cities devoured in flame and dying stars. If Angelique can convince Lila to join her army, the universe will have reason to quake in fear.

But there’s another complication. Melody. Lila’s fallen for her, and if there’s anything Lila can do to protect her, she’ll do it. This means Angelique will have to find another way to get Lila to succumb to the darkness. And Melody is the perfect bargaining chip . . .


Kate I. Foley is a 16-year-old homeschooler, author, daydreamer, voracious reader, introvert, klutz, fangirl, and overuser of tape. She loves the impossible (which might explain her obsession with fantasy novels and Harry Potter) but she dips into the real world . . . occasionally. She writes to survive and will often yell at her characters if they aren’t behaving, which is always. It doesn’t usually help. She is a contributor to the "Fauxpocalypse" anthology. You can follow her on Twitter at @Magic_Violinist.